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Looking for family or individual health insurance?

We are here to help you find the right family or individual health insurance plan and network for you and your family based on your health needs.  There are many different competitive carriers in Wisconsin, through a one-on-one meeting, we’ll advise you on the plan that best meets your needs and budget.  Our experts can also help you determine if tax credits are available based on your household income to lower your health insurance premium. Let us help save you money at no additional cost to you!

We provide free quotes – just complete the link below!  Make sure to sign up with Midwest Insurance Brokerage to take advantage of our expertise at no additional cost to you!  We add value through our customer service and years of experience.

Family and Individual Health Insurance Plan Offerings

Affordable Care Act Plans (ACA)

Affordable Care Plans (ACA)/Obamacare

If your income falls below 400% of the federal poverty level, you will qualify for a subsidy for your health insurance premiums.  You will want to apply with MIB through the marketplace.

Direct Access Navigator

Direct Access Navigator

This service can save money on your medical expenses by providing a service to get answers to questions on price, billing, access & quality to care with one simple phone call.

Health Sharing Plans

Health Sharing Plans

We work with multiple health sharing plans to offer an alternative way to protect yourself and your family from high medical expenses at an affordable cost.

Short-Term Medical Plans

Short-Term Medical Plans

An affordable way to cover yourself during temporary losses of health insurance coverage.  Pre-existing conditions apply.
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International Travel Plans

International Travel Plans

This is a must for anyone traveling outside of the United States.  It is easy to get a quote and a very affordable product.
International Travel Insurance Quote

Vision Insurance

Why MIB?

Annual Market Analysis

Before 1/1 we help you determine if your current carrier is still competitive for you and your family. At this time we can also look at adding lines of coverage to meet your medical needs.

Innovative Solutions

We evaluate multiple options between Continuation, Individual/Family plans, short-term medical policies and health sharing plans to protect your family’s financial health needs.

Customer Service

We are your first point of contact for any claims, billing or benefits questions. For an additional fee, we provide a total customer experience with access to a professional second opinion for major health diagnostics, such as cancer, heart disease, or musculoskeletal disease, as well as access to direct pay providers.

Transition to Medicare

As you approach Medicare’s age of 65, we can help you transition into Medicare seamlessly.

To get started, talk or meet with one of our Family and Individual Health Insurance Specialists!