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Employer Group Health Insurance

Are you interested in providing employer group health insurance that will help you hire and maintain top talent?

Midwest Insurance Brokerage is an independent broker that services large and small groups throughout the state of Wisconsin. We can help you sort through the many group health insurance offerings to find one that fits your coverage needs and budget. We put our clients first – and want to make sure you are getting the most value for your investment in your employees.

Plan Offerings

Health Insurance



Health Savings Accounts (HSA)



Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)


Critical Illness

Why MIB?

We are a full-service brokerage. We know the time and energy it takes to successfully run your business. We want to keep you doing what you know best – let us implement and manage your employer group health insurance. We are your first point of contact when questions or issues arise.

Enrollments / Terminations

MIB processes all enrollments of new employees and terminations on your behalf to ensure your employees are enrolled in your policy in an efficient and accurate manner. We calculate the effective date off of the policies probationary period so you don’t have to.

Annual Market Analysis

At the time of renewal every year, MIB provides a market analysis to determine if your carrier is still the most competitive for your group of employees. We also help you make changes or add policies that would better serve the needs of you and your employees.

COBRA / Continuation

MIB sends the initial notification to terminated employees of their COBRA/Continuation rights. Should an employee choose to enroll, we also notify the insurance company of their election. We do this complimentary as part of our customer focused services.

Customer Service

MIB wants to be your first point of contact whenever there is a question or issue regarding your coverage. In addition, we offer an advocate program (for a small fee) that helps your employees become smart consumers of medical services and prescription drugs, keeping more money in their pocket.

We’ll help you choose the best group health insurance for you. Just talk or meet with one of our Employer Benefits Specialists!